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Submission Guidelines

Please note we are not currently accepting submissions.

The tips and tricks

Before submitting your manuscript, ensure the following things.

1. Make sure you have selected your best four chapters. You want to wow the acquisition team so much they're begging for the rest of your manuscript.

2. Present your best work. It does not need to be edited. However, make sure you have at least read it and self-edited it to the best of your ability.

3. Make sure your manuscript is over 50,000 words. We are only accepting full-sized novels at this moment.

4. Don't submit a cliffhanger book without ensuring all books in the series are finished. We only acquire series as a whole, and to ensure a positive reader experience, we need to ensure prompt publication of books following any cliffhangers. If it is a series of standalone novels, please state it as a standalone on the submission page.

5. We are a romance-based publisher, so please only submit books in this genre. 

6. Please pick the correct heat level. We do search for heat indicators before forwarding it to the acquisition editors, so stating you have a super spicy book when it doesn't have a single spicy scene will see your book forwarded to the wrong department, which will negatively impact your chance of being published with us. We all appreciate our own levels of steam--including our acquisition team.

7. Please be over the age of eighteen.

8. Submissions can be in PDF, but if they request you to present the whole manuscript, please only send word documents. 

9. Although we love our English readers and manuscripts, please note that they change any books published under the house to US spelling during the editing process. 

Any more questions, email: 

Thank you, and good luck!

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